The Art of Life Design

After years of training in Hong Kong under Grand Master Leyong, Carole Shashona was given the honor of Grand Master in Feng Shui, becoming one of the first female Americans to ever receive this title. One of the fundamental principles of Feng Shui is yin and yang, which represents balance and continuous change. By connecting that which is feminine and yin, with that which is masculine & yang you can find perfect balance. This is one of the philosophies that Carole has blended into her years of experience in the world of design.

Whether she is styling a celebrity for the red carpet, designing the top floor of a high rise in Manhattan or creating her latest collection of symbolic jewelry, she carefully weaves in these ancient secrets to empower the individual.  Her belief is that if you surround yourself with these principles in your everyday life, you will always be reminded of your true path, however extraordinary that may be.

For personal styling or interior design requests, Carole is available by appointment only, for select clients. To enquire, please email info@caroleshashona.com