The cShashona Five Essences


The essence for summer, symbolic of power

Scents: Mandarin, Citrus, and Basil

Runway Colors: Jade Green, Celestial Blue, Imperial Red, Royal Aubergine

Personality: Proud, Fearless, Undaunted, Problem Solving, Ambitious, Leader


Represents all seasons, providing providing support and security

Scents: Bergamot Narcissus, Lime, Lily, Vanilla

Runway Colors: Ming Yellow, Amber, Sienna, Oxblood Red

Personality: Caring, Nurturing, Highly Creative, Honest, Prefers to Work Alone


Symbolic of Winter and represents purity, imagination, and self-discovery

Scents: Lotus, Sage, Chamomile, Jasmine, Myrrh, Cedar, Clary Sage

Runway Colors: L’noir Dragon, Imperial Blue, Incense Grey

Personality: Discerning, Adaptable, Emotional, Indecisive, Charitable, Calm Nature, Fluid


Represents spring, growth, and power. It is a symbol of strength and endurance

Scents: Bamboo, Peony, Sandalwood, Pine, Wisteria

Runway Colors: Peach, Jade Green, Teak Brown

Personality: Passionate, Ambitious, Leader, Dramatic, Strong, Inflexible


Closely associated with Autumn season, symbolic for strength, endurance, and protection

Scents: Ginger, Rose, Patchouli, Peach, Myrtle

Runway Colors: Noir, Blanc de Chine, Amber Tiger, Mandarin

Personality: Unconventional, Artistic, High Energy, Good Sportsman


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The Five Essences

The Earth is made up of Five Elements: Water, Wood, Metal, Fire and Earth.

Each Element; or Essence, corresponds to different moods, colors, and purposes.

Each Element also connects to different Animal Energy. For instance, this year’s Chinese New Year, which began February 2019; ushered in Earth Pig. (To understand more about this lunar cycle, see cShashona’s Personal Blog.)

The benefit of knowing and connecting to your 5 Senses is that it helps create abundance in your life, and ushers in Positive Energy, Creativity, Imagination and Empowerment.

Everything has a force — this is energy that can be tapped into place by sound, taste, color, scent and texture. Without proper balance within your home or body, you will not benefit as the seasons change by rebalancing and recharging specific energies.

After years of training in Hong Kong with Grand Master Leung, C Shashona was given the honor of Grand Master in the art of Feng Shui, becoming the first female American to receive this title. One of the fundamental principles for Feng Shui alignment is the fusion of the Yin & Yang Theory, which represents balance while continually changing. By connecting and fusing the female (Yin) energy with the masculine (Yang) you will open to receiving the benefits of wellness.

cShashona coaches how you can Live life with Inner Harmony, by Design.