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What is Sensory Design?

Sensory Design combines the tenants for Feng Shui with lifestyle for personal Wellness

As the creator of sustainable wellbeing designs and teaching an effective way to meditate and quickly de-stress by connecting mind-body-spirit with the theory of Yin-Yang.  My unique Sensory Design® technique interlocks all the senses to maximize the power of wellness, by creating inner harmony, and taking the art of Feng Shui to the next level.  From gardens designs to muse rooms for corporations and luxury homes, Sensory Designs has provided motivational tools helping to empower others to discover their inner beauty and Live a Life in Harmony, by design.  


Personal Phone Coaching

The Sensory Design® Program features meditation for deep relaxation. The Home & Body Dynamics align Yin & Yang fusion.  I have noticed when working with my clients, their lives change, whether it is for growth or to clear the path for new opportunities, to grow and thrive.

It has taken me years and many personal changes to recognize to whom and what I can offer to the world.  In the past decades of my professional life, I have developed a talent to assist others and help them help themselves to live their own “Harmonious” potential within themselves. Whether through alignment of space and gardens, fashion, or meditations and mantras, I educate to help you understand your goals to creating the tool you will need to live your “Harmonious” life.

Understanding each clients’ needs and desires, is a strong commitment and connection with social and environmental structures.  I have worked with hospitals, charities, health care facilities, and hospitality/spas, helping to deliver education and creative workshops. Live life in harmony, the Five Essences for Wellness.


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Blessings,  cShashona