cShashona Feng Shui Principles

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As a Grand Master in the Art of Feng Shui, my Master has enlightened and taught me the value of legacy. I feel value connects expression and accountability in caring for nature and balance.

The energy for female (Yin/Radiance) and the male (Yang/Empowerment). The Yin-Yang Theory bestows caring for the planet and leaving a legacy. Sustainable design means caring for the people and the planet – luxury is the artisan, Reusable, Responsible and Handcrafted designs from jewelry to homes.

In fashion, we need to be less dispensable and celebrate the handcrafted medium, helping us to become responsible. As an artist, I recognize the need to move forward, forging us to new paths, in both art and science. I often cross the practical and political, by pushing the boundaries.


cShashona 5 Essences for Inner Harmony


Fire Essence

Just as the flames in a fireplace brighten up the entire room, Fire Energy personalities are stimulating and creative; they are well balanced and have an abundance vitality. They manifest their ideas by action, and with confidence. They are self-confident, cheerful, inspiring, warm and affectionate, and have lots of courage.


Earth Essence

Those with this personality are the practical, stable and the responsible sort. You can count on them for caring and nurturing. They are graceful- have good physical movement and are very good communicators and nurtures.


Water Essence

These personalities are exactly like water – fluid and pure. Water persons are unpredictable and in touch with their inner child, as they have qualities of cleansing and flow in their lives.  When water energy people are balanced, they are able to relate to the urges of their intuitive facilities and manifest creative abilities.


Metal Essence

Metal is from a mineral that is about support. Therefore, metal people are very family oriented, especially with respect to their elders and understanding their heritage. Metal personalities rely on their intuition, and enjoy inspection.


Wood Essence

Like trees, peoples of wood energy are often pillars of strength, and are also flexible enough to adapt to the needs of others, and of course, themselves, too. They are willing to make sacrifices in order to help themselves and others improve and grow. Wood stands for strength, growth and flexibility.