Discover Your Ascending Essence


Wear our cShashona Harmony jewelry to create magic with gems enlivened with natural properties and vibrations, made in the USA.


Each Essence is made up of different attributes, and is associated with different moods, colors, emotions and, even, purpose.

As a Feng Shui Master, I use different disciplines of Astrology when I work one-on-one with clients. This enables me to provide the ultimate experience in personalized home design.

Because I’ve seen great success with clients, I’m sharing the Five Essences with everyone. In my experience, I’ve found the benefits of knowing and connecting to your Five Essences helps create abundance; and ushers in positive energy, creativity, imagination and empowerment.

My Five Essences’ Collection is designed to bring “Wellness” to your Space; and Well-Being to your Body through Meditation and Positive Mindfulness.

My pieces, inspired by Yin/ Yang Eastern Philosophy, seek to Connect your Heart; your Yin Energy; and Your Mind, your Yang Energy. To connect the mind and heart will lead you to a more prosperous, meaningful life. Remember, everything is connected – your body and your environment is an extension of yourself.

All my products are made from 100% organic, sustainable materials, and are handcrafted by Artisans.