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You are not here to save the world but you are here to touch the hands that are within your reach.

My Goal this Week is to Focus on the Sense of Touch, and how it stimulates your Body and Mind.

Believe it or not, the skin is our body’s largest External organ. It’s our skin that perceives touch sensations, which gives our brains information about our environment, such as temperature, pain, and pressure. Our skin acts as the protective barrier between our internal body and the external world.

Without our sense of Touch, it would be impossible to move around the world, as the website Home Science Tools explains. “We wouldn’t feel our feet hitting the floor when we walked, we wouldn’t sense when something sharp cut us, and we wouldn’t feel the warm sun on our skin. It is truly amazing how much information we receive about the world through our sense of touch, and although we still don’t know all the ins and outs of how the skin perceives touch, what we do know is interesting.”

Although the sense of touch is hard to quantify in Traditional Yin/Yang Theory, the philosophy does correspond to each side of the body, wherein the Right Side is related to Yang Energy –Male – and the Left side, Yin – Female Energy. In relation to the textures we touch and feel, think of Yin as soft and flexible, and Yang as hard and unbending.

In the coming weeks, my blogs will explore how our 5 Senses are intertwined and affect each other to help deepen your journey to Inner Harmony.

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Weekly Assignment :
To help you gain a better understanding about the sense of Touch, I recommend reading, Touch and The Ancient Senses.

It’s a collection of beautiful essays, which explore how touch mediates almost every aspect of interpersonal relations, from the everyday to the erotic, just as it also provides a primary point of contact between the individual and the outside world. Touch plays a defining role in science, art, philosophy, and medicine.


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