Unlock the Secret to Harmonious Living with cShashona’s 5 Essences.
My Weekly Blog is designed to teach the secret behind cShashona’s 5 Essences for Harmonious Living.

Out of all the seasons, Spring’s the one that feels most like a New Beginning.

Although warmer weather gives us an extra boost of Energy, the change of seasons is Nature’s way of reminding us, calling us, to adapt to change.

I designed my latest collection, Real Jewels for Real People, to support you like the Sun’s Energy on your path to Inner Harmony.

As we move toward longer days, here are two principles from the Five Essences that always help me:

1. Be Mindful. An Open Mind is a great teacher. One of the best and fun ways to practice keeping an open mind is to try new foods and flavors, which stimulate your whole being.

2. The benefit of an Open Mind is that it will keep you “on your toes” to find new solutions to each situation.

The core of my wellness company, cShashonaLife, is based on Giving Back.

I invite everyone to find a way to serve their community. It doesn’t have to be Big – a smile to a stranger will do.  Connect with me on Instagram @cShashonaLife to share your positive moment and what you did.

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