Unlock the Secret to Harmonious Living with cShashona’s 5 Essences.
My Weekly Blog is designed to teach the secret behind cShashona’s 5 Essences for Harmonious Living.

Our Planet is made up of Five Elements, or Essences, which are: Water, Wood, Metal, Fire and Earth. Each element has its own Energy and is associated with specific colors; emotions; and even, purpose. Each Essence also corresponds to a specific Animal’s Energy in the Chinese Zodiac.

The Sacred believe our physical bodies are comprised of the same Five Essences found on Planet Earth.

The benefit of knowing and connecting to Your Five Essences helps create Abundance, Positive Energy, Creativity, Imagination and Empowerment. 

My Goal this Week is to Focus on Sound, and how this Sense stimulates the human body and its environment.

When you think about it, Sound is the one of the most adaptable of the Senses, and technology has kept pace. With a pair of headphones and a handheld device, you can immediately change your mood; and in some way, your environment.

The best example is to think of a standard Corporate Office or WeWork Space;  or even a neighborhood coffee shop.

We Live, Work, Eat, Breathe, Commute, Travel, and Yes, even Spa in A Lot of noise not in our control. How you Act and React Changes with each External Stressor; which in turn, changes the Energy supporting you.

My 5 Essences for Harmonious Living seeks to Connect Your Mind with Your Heart, Your Yin with Your Yang.

Think of Work (Yang) in a non-positive moment: 

Imagine again a Corporate Office or coffeeshop: The lighting’s not great (Sight); A lot of Outside Noise (Sound); Fast Food and Drink (Taste); No Touching (Touch); Feeling.

Your Feelings will change as soon as you put your headphones on and listen to music. This is us unconsciously trying to find balance and fusion. Most people in a Yang moment will prefer Yin-type music. If Yang is Masculine (Work) and Yin is Female (Home), think of Yin-type music as being full of emotion, home, heart, love, more soft sounding and soothing.

Some people play Yang-like music (think, Heavy Metal) in Yang moments. That’s good, too. We all need to burn off some Fire Energy now and again.

Go the Distance with cShashona’s 5 Essences for Harmonious Living.

Weekly Assignment :
Relax. This is Fun. All you have to do is listen to your favorite music.

Make a Yin Music List and Make a Yang Music List.

Because I want you to spend time selecting your music; and listening to it – don’t just download while making dinner, Pick 2 Yin songs and 2 Yang songs. Play accordingly. If you have extra time, record your reactions and emotions when listening in different environments and settings.

Do this throughout the week. You can add Music to your Music list.


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