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We’ve all heard the expression “Seeing is Believing.” This is often what people say when they’re skeptical or unsure, especially when it comes to the spiritual world, their intuition, or even with complex emotions, such as Love (hence, the popular saying, “actions speak louder than words.”).

One can’t necessarily See Love or other spiritual realms; oftentimes these are unquantifiable “feelings” that rely and mix with our other senses. That’s why many people need to See something before they can accept that it really exists or occurs.

My Goal this Week is to Focus on the Sense of Sight, and how it stimulates your Body and Mind.

Animals perceive up to 80 percent of all impressions from sight. And when our other senses such as taste or smell stop working, it's the eyes that protect us from danger.

Seeing is considered to be the most important of all the senses because it gives us immediate knowledge about our environment. Simply put, and from a pure scientific/biologic standpoint, our vision comes from the eyes interpreting visible light information, known as visual perception, and our sight is the resulting perception.

“We perceive shapes, distance, movement, color, heat and depth by our sense of sight,” explains the website “The organ for the sense of sight is the eye, about the shape of a ping pong ball. The eye alone cannot make sight possible. It works with the brain and on the outside, needs light to be present.”

But, here’s where our sense of sight gets interesting. In Chinese Yin/Yang Philosophy, it’s believed people have “Yin Yang Eyes,” or what’s more commonly known as the “Third Eye,” which is our Sixth Chakra (Sixth Sense). This rests in between the eyebrows. It’s what connects us to our wisdom and higher self; that sense of whether something or someone is good or bad.

When the “Third Eye” is developed, people have direct access to their intuition and even, the paranormal. When this is refined, the Chinese say, people can see ghosts and spirits. As I’ve discussed in my previous blogs, Yin is female energy and male is Yang, so it’s believed women typically have a more developed Third Eye. 

There are different ways to use your Third Eye: some are visual, some are tactile through touch, some are auditory through music and sound, and even olfactory, when we smell something as good or bad. However, they are all considered the “Third Eye” in Yin/Yang Theory because they’re all connected. In the coming weeks, I’ll explain more how all the senses intertwine to lead you to a more harmonious life. 

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Weekly Assignment :
Relax. This is an easy Meditation to help connect you to Your Sixth Chakra, the Third Eye, Your Highest Self. All you have to do is find a quiet place and recite the simple but powerful Mantra “Aum.”


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