Unlock the Secret to Harmonious Living with cShashona’s 5 Essences.
My Weekly Blog is designed to teach the secret behind cShashona’s 5 Essences for Harmonious Living.

A whole industry was born out of this one powerful sense.

Perfumers understood how different Scents evoke memories, inspire emotions, increase attraction; and even stimulate the appetite.

My Goal this Week is to Focus on Scent, and how it elevates your Body, Mind and Soul.

In Feng Shui, Yin/Yang Theory and other cultures’ religious and spiritual practices, Scent often plays a key role because it helps lift the energy; encourages action or relaxation, and changes the energy (chi) in any given space.

There are many different ways to enjoy aromatherapy in your home or work by using scented candles, essential oils, incense and/or room sprays as part of your décor.

As a pioneer bringing Feng Shui into the modern American household, I created an eponymous line of candles and sprays designed to cleanse the space of negative energy while also boosting one’s energy. Some of the key essences in my private formulas include sage (to clear the energy), lavender (to promote relaxation), ylang ylang and citrus (to stimulate and inspire). I designed these products as an effective way to ease my clients into what was then a foreign, and unknown practice.

Here’s some different scents I recommend at home and work:

A Basil plant in your office, or on your desk, works wonderfully to provide a quick pick-me-up and stimulates creativity. When you’re feeling tired and sluggish, I advise taking a walk outside; not just for the fresh air and the chance to reconnect with Nature, but the scent of fresh grass recharges the mind.

Other scents that work great in the workplace are: Citrus to clear your mind; Peppermint to stimulate prosperity; Rosemary to help improve memory, and Eucalyptus to keep you alert and on-your-toes.

At home, I love Citrus in the Kitchen (lemon, lime and orange). These scents are known for their cleansing properties, but can also stimulate the mind and improve your mood. Fresh herbs such as basil, cilantro and parsley also work wonders for these reasons. Mint is a great way to boost your appetite; makes for a terrific palate cleanser, and can reduce stress levels. These plants also work well in the Dining Room.

In the bedroom, a Lavender candle is a great way to promote comfort and relaxation. But if you’re looking to create romance and connection, I recommend Rose, Gardenia, Ylang Ylang, Musk and Jasmine. Lavender is also a great scent to put in the bathtub when you want to unwind after a long day.

I love using Cedar in the bathroom as it not only freshens and brightens, it helps balance all the water energy in this space. Clove and sandalwood are other scents I also recommend.

A little-known fact is Strawberry encourages exercise and movement, so if you’ve fallen off your New Year’s Resolution and looking to get back to the gym, I highly recommend using this scent.

One of the best perfumes to wear are those that incorporate Freesia. Spring and Summer are the perfect time to be social and attract love, and this scent offers those properties, which is why they’re so often used in wedding bouquets and celebrations.

The most effective way to cleanse every room in the house of old energy is by using the scent of Sage. My room sprays are designed for this purpose, and are effective, without the heavy smoke that comes from burning a sage stick.

Go the Distance with cShashona’s 5 Essences for Harmonious Living.

Weekly Assignment:
Relax. This is Fun. All you have to do is incorporate these scents in different rooms. See how they affect your mood and emotions.

PS I encourage you to keep a journal.


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