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The East has been a source of fascination and inspiration to designers, artists and decorators and nevermore than today. As a Grand Feng Shui Master, I have found that the popularity for tranquility in your home is an approach to living that communicates a merging of interior and exterior focus. Many people speak about visualization as a tool to enhance their lifestyle. I have found that reflecting is very different from meditation, yoga and even visualization. Although these practices help rest the mind, body and soul, visualization and daydreaming are very different than reflection. Reflection requires a strong focus on your past, propelling you to your future goals.  

By incorporating your past efforts will help you to elevate to your future goals, that simply means let go of what doesn’t work, trim the fat! This will put you in the driver’s seat of your life, helping you to design and develop your blueprint for life.  

By taking a nod to the past will take you on a fearless, sacred inward journey to evolve. It forces you to be present in your life. It requires you to focus not just on what you want, but what you value. If you don’t know what you value, all you have to do is look at your home. In my Feng Shui practice, I’ve learned a person’s home is a reflection of what he/she values. Design with Feng Shui is not only an organization of the environment but a strategy for self-discipline and an understanding of one’s place in the environment. Take a moment and gaze around your space—and while doing so reflect and ask yourself does your home reflect your values? Is your home a place that you have created to invite friends and family within? Is this structure functioning for home and office? Or have you created an edifice showing wealth and prestige to others? In order to reflect and feel inner contentment you must first look upon your home, your investment, your nest and see it in the cold light of reality.    

Knowing what you value is the key to open the door for new possibilities.  

To know your core values will help you to distinguish between fantasy and reality. Fantasy is often ruled by ego. Ego often reflects perceived comforts: endless money, Fame, success, power and of course, sex. This is why social media is so popular because it supports the fantasy and false narrative, “if I only had this (partner, house, job etc.), I’d be happy and fulfilled like this celebrity.” Is this what you spend time daydreaming/fantasizing about? If so, ask yourself is this all you value in your life? These questions are invaluable for finding out what you really think, feel and prioritize. This is what your values are and what is valuable in your life.  

I developed my Sensory Design® workshops after many years of consulting with my clients connecting their surroundings with exterior focus. This Sensory Design® concept results in harmony and structure with function to create a more harmonious life.  

Asians have recognized and used these Sensory combinations for many centuries. Even the French understood the elements of aromatherapy. My unique Sensory Design® technique interlocks all the senses to maximize the power of wellness, by creating inner harmony, and taking the art of Feng Shui to the next level.  It’s taken me years and many personal changes to customize my workshops to assist others and help them help themselves to live their own “Harmonious” potential within themselves. Incorporating the alignment of space, gardens, fashion, meditations will help you understand your goals to creating the tool you will need to live your “Harmonious” life. 

The Sensory Design® workshop and collections communicates wellness and wellbeing.   

The secret ammunition in your home, office, or when you’re on-the-go, is you.  

In summary my Sensory Design® philosophy pervades all aspects of emotional, social and environmental functions. With a proven history thousands of years old, I have researched, developed and practiced this unique approach. Reflection is a merging of the expanse of water into your overall design. The space that meets outside in which water and natural environment play vital roles is ultimately the common thread visual, cultural migration offering us as we gaze into the water the reflections of ourselves and our souls, a model for us to live in comfort and inner contentment.  

Sensory Design Reflection Workshop 

Stage I - Reflective Spiritual Alignment  

Exercise – Empower Mind 
When a relationship in business, spouse or family ends, there is a period of disbelief, sadness, anger and self-reflection. Self-discovery and a rebirth of the new, will inspire and be helpful to you. It takes time, patience and commitment to change long-term, tough but doable.   

Reflection Tool 
A breakup makes you sad some days, mad others.  That is normal. Now is the time to balance emotions and call upon action to assist you for future achievements. 

Exercise - Balance 

  1. Write down, reflect on things in your life that may need improvement - that you haven’t dealt with yet. 

  2. Pick one to do from this list – This will help you to begin decluttering, focus and new alignment. 

  3. Write sub steps –a requirement to do until completion. 

  4. Let go of old habits that are unproductive. 

  5. Remember - Action always relieves Anxiety. 

Stage II – Reflection & Exercise to manifest body and movement 
How to reconnect to your “values” to set goals

No way around it – some people love you, some won’t. Guarding yourself in a way with mantras help you reconnect to your values – if you see yourself valuable – you won’t let people or allow people to get you down. 

Practice your mantra – keep them in the forefront of your mind – the more you exercise the more value to you – when you disconnect to your value – comeback to this foundation to get back on course – keep moving forward in life. 

Nurture yourself on a regular basis 

When you see value in yourself – people will see the value in you 

Don’t dwell on negative 

Remember - Instead of internalizing, remember you are not obligated to internalize – you are meant to let go and take one step forward. 

Breathe In – You are the power! 

Breathe Out – Let Go what doesn’t benefit you any longer 

Inhale, Exhale 

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