Nature is Your Therapist

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Relax and let us take a moment to think. Think of your average day. How do you cope? Or not cope? Are you feeling stressed often, and burned out? Meditation is your body’s natural recharge button. You cannot find it in a pill or bottle. It is a natural process to help you relax and recharge. Yes, relax and recharge to help you to look at the big picture for your goals and ambitions. Your personal meditation is your process helping you be the little fish swimming in the big pond, negotiating your passage daily. Furthermore, meditation will help you let go of all the clutter in your brain and the clutter in your life to. When your mind is cluttered, you lose your focus and goals. That is your perfect time to take a –

Meditation – “Pause” Moment  

Begin by taking the time to focus and recharge. Do your meditation before entering a meeting. Go to the men’s or ladies’ room, declutter and take a time-out. This will help you adjust your energy and relax you.

Try my “on the go” meditation moment to give you the power to act, not react. A moment to be poised, like a warrior, to make decisions and empower Self. In all traditional cultures and since ancient times, bells and candles have even been used for rituals to create a moment for stillness and reflection.

For your meditation, I have created bracelets with my Signature Coin. Wear your bracelet on your left hand and hold the coin, anytime and everywhere, this will help you relax and nurture you. 

Use your meditation moment to align your senses uniting mind, body and spirit with function and goals and you will become an empowered force…“May the force be with you!”

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