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I always laugh to myself when I’m on the road, and I see people wearing those big sound-cancelling headphones. It’s not because they look funny, but I understand what they’re trying to do by wearing them: Create personal space, achieve some peace and quiet, and distance themselves from the chaos of the outside world. But you can achieve all of that without any technology, or expensive apparatuses.

I believe every meditation is a process for personal harmony, answering the need in today’s hectic lifestyle to replace chaos with relaxation and ease. As Grand Master in the art of Feng Shui, I teach my clients that in order to de-clutter your life, you need to de-clutter your mind as well, to achieve wellness of body, spirit and mind. I have spent many hours with my clients de-cluttering their homes, offices, and even closets. This is why I have taken Feng Shui out of the closet and into the “The Power of Wellness.” I have often found through my life’s work that when my clients’ homes are cluttered and disorganized, their mind and organization skills are too.

Doing daily meditations will uplift your energy naturally for contentment. Each meditation will organize your mind to assist you. I say your life compass is Self, guiding you to new destinations and goals. I have been asked many times if meditation is a religious ritual. It’s not about religion; it is about health and wellness for your body. When meditating the first time with my clients, I see eyes like a deer in headlights, expressing fear when I say to them, “let’s meditate.” Many of my clients will reply, “I don’t have time,” or better yet, “I am not dressed for it.” I reply, “That’s all utter nonsense,” and repeat: “Let’s meditate.”

Now let us take a moment to think. Think of your average day. How do you cope? Or not cope? Are you often feeling stressed and/or burned out? Meditation is your body’s natural recharge button. You cannot find it in a pill or bottle. It is a natural process to help you relax and recharge - to help you look at the big picture for your goals and ambitions. Your personal meditation will help you be the little fish swimming in the big pond, negotiating your passage daily. Furthermore, meditation will help you let go of all the clutter in your brain and the clutter in your life too. When your mind is cluttered, you lose our focus and goals. Take the time to focus and recharge. Do your meditation before entering a meeting. Go to the men’s or ladies’ room, de-clutter and take a time-out. This will help you adjust your energy and relax you.

Try my “on the go” meditation moment to give you the power to act, not react. A moment to be poised, like a warrior, to make decisions and empower Self. In all traditional cultures and since ancient times, bells and candles have even been used for rituals to create a moment for stillness and reflection.

Here are some fun tips to set up your very own meditation space:

COLORS: Blues, green and lavender shades are wonderful for calming the mind, and in Feng Shui are the colors of communication and nurturing. You can always improvise and use a blue mat, or use photographs with these hues to create calmness to your space

SCENT:  Jasmine, Rose, Lavender are wonderful for relaxing the body. These scents are good for keeping you relaxed.

PLANTS: I’ve discussed in many of my blogs how important it is for the mind and body to connect with nature. Your meditation space can be by picturesque window, or you can put a few green or flowering plants, or in this serene setting you can add an earth altar, placing a candle or bits of nature bringing the outside in to this natural setting.

SOUND: I always recommend the sound of nature in recordings or a crystal toning bowl and I simply adore White Sun 3 to support healing in your personal space.

Until we meet next week, have fun.
With Blessings,

Stiletto Heals®: The Higher the Heel, the Higher the Spirit

I can’t tell you how many clients say they don’t have time to meditate. “Nonsense,” is always my response. I created my on-the-go meditations to give everyone an opportunity to tune in to their higher self, whether coming or going to a meeting, appointment, or even a romantic rendezvous.

On The Go
My cShashona bracelets are designed to assist you in your meditation practice. Each bracelet has my signature black diamond coin. Wear your bracelet on your left hand, and hold the coin with your right hand. The coin is designed to remind you to breathe, relax and clear your mind. Taking a moment for yourself will keep you poised, to act and not react, like a warrior.

Meditation Space
Sit on the floor, relax, close your eyes and breathe. It’s just that easy. The only requirements needed are you and 10 minutes. Easy! You can do meditation to relax, recharge, heal and energize. And best of all, you can do it sitting in the seat of a plane, train or car! In the sun. In the rain. In your office, our home or even in a taxi. They are perfect for any need you may have, and you can do them daily.  Wishing you Sacred, and Serenity and until we meet next week.

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