The Jewelry Warrior

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What is a Jewelry Warrior®?  Simply said – A wearer who is armed and ready to face life challenges, who honors all commitments, stays true to self and lets go of anything that no longer serves.  Facing all challenges head on with truth, passion and determination.

Becoming a Jewelry Warrior is celebrating the Goddess within by embracing a positive mindset when facing different challenges in life. Some stay in negative relationships or jobs, because they fear change. Others may face illness, or loss of a loved one, while others seem to “have everything,” but are stuck battling their own minds and debilitating patterns.

I’ve faced some of my biggest challenges in my professional life. As a young dancer, auditions were always daunting because facing rejection is tough, especially in the beginning. My dance teacher, Matt Mattox, gave me all the tools I needed to develop my inner warrior. He tasked me with the challenge of going into every audition positive, no matter the outcome. It wasn’t about getting the part; or being accepted; it is about showing up and giving my best every time.

After I married and resided in Hong Kong, I studied with Master Leung in the art of Feng Shui. Upon returning to the United States, I was one of the first to introduce the Feng Shui practice of harmonizing a home’s energy through furniture placement to the US household, and became the first American woman to earn the title Grand Master, Asian trained.

Many people questioned me, and even made fun of me. Rather than being silenced, I turned a “No” to a “Yes” by applying my passion to create my own successful business offering Feng Shui services, and designed Collections when this unique concept seemed foreign.

Becoming a Jewelry Warrior has been a constant theme in my life, and has inspired me as an artist today, creating jewelry to offering Sacred, Serenity and Empowerment with fashion panache.

The Warrior Collections is symbolic of my hand with your hand. I encourage you to follow your life’s passion, whether it be a leader, mother, artist or chef. Be the best that you can be! However, whatever you do, you must first envision your goals to manifest.  I wish you blessings on your path as you strive for excellence to -- Live in Harmony as you follow your dreams.

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cShashona’s New Jewelry Collection Honors the Warrior in You.

Arm yourself in cShashona’s Jewelry Warrior® -- Live Inner Harmony, 5 Essences Collection

Step into your Power - Be Cool, Be Calm & Be Collected.

The Fives Essences: Water, Wood, Metal, Fire and Earth each have their own attributes, moods, colors, purposes with animal associations. The benefit of knowing & connecting to your Five Essences helps to create abundance in your life, and ushers in positive energy, creativity, imagination and empowerment.

These bracelets tap into jewelry’s original purpose: to protect, inspire and empower the wearer. Today’s Warrior must lead and bravely face life’s greatest challenges. My Designs and Collections brings “Wellness” and Well-being to the body through meditation and positive mindfulness, creativity and meditation


Wear my Amethyst Fire-Passion bracelet for personal power.
“Fire is the essence symbolic of power.”

Wear my Onyx Metal bracelet for protection.
“Metal is the essence that is symbolic of strength, endurance and protection.”

Wear my Water Tranquility Lapis bracelet for peace and tranquility
“Water is the essence that represents purity, imagination and self-discovery.”

Wear my Earth Nurturing Rose Quartz bracelet for security and stability
“The Earth represents all seasons, providing support and security.”

Wear my Wood Growth bracelet for growth and prosperity
“Wood essence represents growth and power. It is a symbol of strength and Endurance.

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