Carole’s “Pick Up Energy” for Healthy Snacking

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Healthy delicious snacks will give you energy boost meals, when you get those afternoon “dips”. Snack with Carole’s Confetti, a hard-boiled egg, or smoked salmon-this makes for a terrific “pick me up”.

Emotional snacking focuses on sweets. Notice the time and triggers of emotional food cravings and learn to comfort yourself with apples, oranges with a drizzle of honey and hugs and quiet time. Kindness for self and compassion will bring true sweetness to your life and help to heal the ‘inner child’ within. This is much better than sweets.

Try spreading my hummus recipe with whole grain pita or crisp bread, or ricotta, goat cheese with olives and fresh steamed veggies on the side. You can use romaine leaves instead of the bread or crackers!

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