Creating Healing Spaces

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Your home is your creation, and in many ways, your heart. The interiors can be arranged in whatever fashion you choose. But it should reflect your individual personality, your hopes, goals, purposes, accomplishments. Your home is your retreat for comfort and security, an environment completely and totally within your power, a place where you are able to make your decisions and plan your life.

In a world that seems to have forgotten individualism, your home is one place where your individual vial and unique personality is not only able to exist, but to thrive. It must be you.

A home without your personal input is a place with no rules, no security, and the doors are wide open, allowing the energy and forces of others to intrude and control. You must cross over the threshold as if you’re embarking on a new journey (much as the tradition which instructs a husband to carry his wife into the house to ensure the security of the home.)

Not being in control of the environment, the décor, the arrangement of your home is the equivalent of beginning a journey without a firm destination.

It’s time to rid yourself of pre-conceived ideas and rules. This is your home and with the aid of Healing Spaces it can be made into a magical, therapeutic, and positive environment in which you can feel safe and grow.

Detox Your Space

If your energy is down and your home is cluttered first de-clutter and cleanse your space, then add a stick of cinnamon to your potpourri to instantly lift the energy of your home. Or you can spray each room with my Empower spray and fill the room with warm aromas of Mandarin and Basil, inviting feelings of love to blossom.

Scents of citrus. Keep in your kitchen 8 lemons at all times to bring blessings to your home.

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