Facing Life's Challenges

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In nature, the transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly is one of the most beautiful teaching moments. In order to evolve, the caterpillar shrouds itself in a dark cocoon to shed its former self, to emerge into the light as a butterfly with colorful wings. When my children were young, I’d share this story to help ease their growing pains.

Life’s challenges show up in different ways, and can rock us to our very core. As a Grand Master in the Art and Science of Feng Shui, I’ve helped many clients during times of transition. These periods are often preceded by an unexpected life event such as, a career change/unemployment, divorce, death/grief, illness, or other unexpected curveballs.

When consulting, I am often asked, what is Feng Shui and how can this help me at this difficult time?

Feng Shui represents Wind (external) and Water (internal) and when these two unique energies combine, essence “life force” is created.  This highly complex, centuries-old Asian Art harnesses the power for nature to create an alliance between oneself and the Earth, creating Harmony.

I have taken Feng Shui to the next level and developed my unique program, Sensory Design Workshop and Blog for Healthy Life, to support my clients during times of transition. The two-sided coin represents both Challenge and Opportunity.  This teaching helps us to develop a positive action when we are facing challenges, as challenge offers opportunities, and a new roadmap for success.

From very early on, our lives and self-worth are a platform for our behavior. The CS Yin-Yang theory, when applied to our homes and office space, is often a reflection of yourself and your values.  What is “valuable” to you?  From how you live, to how you function in the world, in business, family and relationships.

The Yin (female) energy is reflective and contemplative, Internal and assertive. The Yang energy (male, External) is aggressive, perfect for work or decisive moments. When combined, these energies are considered “wholistic.”  The Mind and body is connected to perform an action. When not reactionary, positive mind and body will create new opportunities.

The cShashona Yin-Yang essence is a motivator, unconsciously dictating who and what you are, from decisions of how to dress, personal relationships, and the work you have chosen.  It is that fluctuation -- the Yin, the Yang – that will motivate and inspire you.  This will help you to discover your very own Harmony to – “Live an Extraordinary Life, by design.”

Stiletto Heals® – The Higher the Heel, the Higher the Spirit 

Everyone makes mistakes, struggles with inner weakness and may not feel special or great.  Many times, pain is nature’s reminder that there is something important for us to learn.  Encountering pain and figuring out the lesson, will create situations that are rewarding, reflective and help you develop principles that will offer opportunities, which is a new healthy “perspective.”  Hence, for opportunity, I believe struggle gives us strength, your purpose.  Your purpose for everything is a metaphor for value.  I realize that passing knowledge is my attempt to help you succeed and to struggle well, will help you to grow and discover your values and match your life to them.

STAY Humble - Fortune and Success teach you gratitude.
STAY Positive – See life as an adventure, Be Curious, BE Calm & BE Collective.
STAY Healthy – A Healthy mind creates, Wellness within.

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