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In today’s world of social media and endless selfies, it’s not surprising the true meaning of self-love is lost on most of us. And for most of us, self-love presents a deeper challenge because we’re taught from childhood to adulthood that being a “good person” means putting everyone first, and worrying about ourselves last. With Mother’s Day around the corner, I’m devoting this week’s blog to self-love and self-compassion, to find helpful and optimistic ways to understand the good in this inner conflict and receive kindness and peace within.

The best place to start is to explain what self-love is not. Self-love isn’t about doing things that make you feel good such as, shopping, going to the spa, meeting friends for dinner and drinks. While these activities are important, and do lift our spirits, they’re not actual expressions of self-love or self-compassion.

As a Grand Master in the art and science of Feng Shui, I have worked with clients over the last 25 years to improve the quality of their lives inside and outside their environments – including gardens. I always began my sessions with clients teaching the values for self-love; I believe it’s the foundation for living a happier, healthier life.

These are two exercises. To begin, stand front of the mirror and start this mantra, “I love me (state your name).” I ask you to repeat this phrase throughout the day – every day. I also recommend you keep a journal. The act of writing the affirmation, “I love (your name)” will bring light to negativity as light always banishes negative thought.

The second exercise is to place your hand on your heart, and take a few deep breaths.

Believe it or not, this simple act of putting your hand on your heart is an expression of self-love and compassion. Your touch has tremendous power; and in my experience, self-love is what inspires us to live our best life. My mentor, Master Leung, gave me great insight when I was first studying Feng Shui under his guidance. He explained that when we’re coming from a place of self-love, we’re more likely to make better choices in our intimate life, in our choice of friends, and even manage problems and stress with greater ease because we’re more centered in our body and mind. You can add a shield of protection over your heart offering, that when surrounded with negativity, your protective shield will automatically protect and/or expand when surrounded with love thoughts and actions.

Love brings compassion for self and to take full responsibility for your life and your choices. Love for self will encourage you with positive thoughts and actions, and affirm approval of self.  Use this guided affirmation and you will see results in your mood and happiness.

Here are some quick and easy tips to assist you on your path to Love of self:

  1. Begin by creating healthy boundaries. I encourage you to say no to people or situations that don’t reflect your highest values.

  2. Always surround yourself with positive people. This is easier than it sounds. If you want to know how you feel about yourself, take a look at who, what and where you surround yourself. It’s time to do some spring cleaning to start attracting new friends with great, positive energy.

  3. Nurture yourself.  It’s an important expression of self-love to eat well to nurture yourself with healthy, nutrient-dense foods and drinks.

  4. Live with compassion. Know what you want, and go after it with passion, and remember an open heart will attract love to self in return.

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