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One of the keys to a successful life is to do what makes you happy. Although this is easy to dispense common-sense advice, you’ll find when you really consider this statement, it actually presents a big challenge. As I’ve found working with people at all different stages of life, this is very difficult to answer.

To help guide you, to discover yourself and your definition of what success is to you, begin by sitting and take a pause moment to relax. You may notice what is around you and breathe in to discover what’s the scent, what’s the sound and what are the colors that surround you. As you relax you may see what makes you feel uncomfortable and what makes you comfortable.

Try this in different locations to discover what makes you feel positive in different spatial environments and what doesn’t make you feel positive. Do this exercise in your workspace, in your home environment, in the park or at the beach. Then also notice if these environments enhance stress or negativity. These simple exercises will help you to become more aware to your surroundings. As you heighten your sensitivity to your world within and around yourself you will begin the process of self-healing and the process of creating a personal space that is positive just for you.

Success is a positive attitude! Your environment is your personal connection to your physical center, a place for you to express yourself and your uniqueness. This is the beginning for your inner journey to help you identify what success means to you!

Stiletto Heals — The Higher the Heel, the Higher the Spirit

There’s dressing for success, and then there’s using color energy to empower as you discover and re-define your meaning of success. For example, if you are living a full city life, associated with stresses, constraints, and ultimate fatigue, black is certainly not the color to wear. My Sensory Design fashion style will teach you how to use high energy color from outer dressing to your underdressing, to compliment and balance your energy. I found color for under dressing a perfect solution for boosting energy. And it is important to remember to take a moment each day for a meditation on-the-go.

Use the color red to fire up attracting the opposite sex. Green and blue will create peace and serenity to relax and de-stress.

The secret ammunition for home or when you are on-the-go is surrounding yourself with meditation moments to boost your energy.


Red/Purple: Love, happiness, fame, power, wealth & riches – The Chinese consider this the most auspicious color.
Orange: Alignment with Earth & Nurturing
Yellow: Wisdom, Sun energy
Green: Growth, good health & fortune – when combined, offers tranquility
Blue/Aqua: Prosperity, communication & inspiration

Fire Essence Meditation
- Begin by inhaling and exhaling-Three times place palm of right hand onto your left hand.
- Thumbs touching
- Chant eleven times: “Guru Dev Namo”

Divine blessings, intuitive power and prosperity absorb the benefits of this meditation. Bringing you health and wellness daily. A time for relaxation and comfort.

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