Fall Gatherings with cShashona: It’s the Season to Gather with Friends, Family and our Thoughts

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The fall season is a special time as we transition from the fun carefree pleasures of summer, travelling the globe in style and sipping champagne under the stars. This is now the time we find ourselves getting more rooted and grounded in our homes – creating magical moments gathering with our friends and families; and even transitioning our diets from cool cucumbers and refreshing watermelons to warming nutritious fruits, vegetables and grains as in ancient times.  It’s a time we heat the body from the inside out rather than cooling off from the high temperatures outside.

Of course, as the temperature starts to drop, our fashion also moves from bright crisp whites and to deep blues and gorgeous shades of deep yellow and oranges. I love the pairing of orange and blue, such as blue blazer accented with a sienna orange scarf. Other colors that are sensational to wear are earth tones, cinnamon browns and nutmeg (which are also delicious and warming spices to play with in the kitchen). If you’re a Manhattanite like me, you can never wear too much black to keep yourself feeling chic visiting museums, my favorite The Whitney Metropolitan Museum and walking through the cobble streets of the West village. You can pair a great pair of jeans with tall boots for a casual, elegant look day or night, lunch at Sant Ambroeus or drinks at Daniel’s.

As we become more settled in our spaces in the colder months, this is an ideal time to begin a meditation practice to help ease the long days of winter. It’s a great time to also develop your body working out indoors with a personal trainer and getting your heart rate up moving to your favorite music.

Here’s a recipe I use on grilled fish/veggies to keep my energy up while adding flavor. This can be used on salads as a finish:

1 TBSP dried oregano
1 TBSP fennel seeds
1 TBSP of virgin olive oil
Splash of vinegar

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A Master Teaching Gem Mantra meditation focus on the word “Gather:” Gather your thoughts; Gather your feelings; think about warm Gatherings with friends and family. You can tune in by holding the coin on the Love bracelet which was designed to assist with your mantra work.

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