cShashona’s Summer Meditation

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The time of the year graces us with extra hours of daylight, so we can spend more time outdoors jogging, walking, golfing, or boating. Energize yourself physically with a stroll to summer fairs, or take a walk around your community where you might discover some local hot spots. You may want to volunteer a few hours in your area for community service.

Your greatest reservoir of energy is your naval. This is the power point of your body and by learning this simple exercise it will help you receive joyful benefits this Summer season.

  • Lie flat on your back with your legs flat on the floor. Or you can put your feet on the floor   and raise your knees to allow your lower back to flatten on the floor. Feel the floor beneath you.

  • Inhale deeply, allowing your belly to balloon out; notice that this action will raise the hand you have resting on your belly. 

  • Do this to the count of nine.

  • Place your hands at your sides and exhale.

  • Breathe in nine more times the abdomen and without the use of your hands.

Power of Wellness: Eat, Sleep, Mediate, Repeat

Indulge in fresh greens. Add chopped greens in everything to boost energy and stimulate both the mind and body. Greens help avert digestive ailments, as well as headaches and upper respiratory complaints. Not to mention, they are wonderful for your complexion. In addition, add to your menu Fennel Tea and Manuka Honey.  Manuka honey, the gold elixir, can help improve digestion and boost energy.

Sleep Sleep is the great rejuvenator. Play soft relaxing music while bathing in your bathroom or in your bedroom to help you relax. Sounds to take you straight to the blissful place, will melt away worries and heal the spirit.

Meditate Breathe in deeply you receive your mid of all the stress it carries. My on-the-go meditations area fast stress relieving techniques that you can practice anywhere and everywhere. Enjoy the serenity!



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