My Artisan Jewelry Collection

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My artisan jewelry collections is ancient inspired by the infamous Silk Road cultures. Distinctive with precious stones and coin to improve your energy level, each gemstone is a product of nature having a natural vibration and therefore affects each wearer in different ways. I will share with you the many gemstone benefits and cultures that are an integral part of my story, helping to enhance your mental and physical Wellbeing – with an edge for Spirit.


Citrine – It is said to be the gift of the Sun, the name Citrine is French for lemon. In ancient times it was carried as a protector, today I have designed my Salutation au Soleil Necklace for Empowerment, Success and Prosperity to the wearer.

As with an ancient custom I offer to you The Sun Romance mantra, to provide you with Blessings and Protection each day.


Sun Romance Mantra

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