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If you can picture a full moon late in the evening or early in the morning, you’ll understand the image of true Sensory Design principles. The summer’s energy comes from the moon, and is evidenced in platinum and silver amidst tones of gray-greens, gray-blues, and plums.

Use the moon’s influence for shimmer with your makeup. Metallics are great for highlighting your eyes and lips. Wear golds and or pearl colors for your eyes and lips.

The moon puts people in a reflective mood. And since you have extra time at night, you might want to create an earth altar in your home. It should be a spot you can relax and get away from it all. It should also be a spot you can decorate with a pretty leaf, a shell, or something from nature. Spend some time there after work, relax and sit.

Carole Shashona: Breaking Stereotypes in Jewelry Design – as a compass for those who prefer walking the road less traveled.

There’s no doubt that the multitalented Carole Shashona has established her place in high society through her many careers and adventures. Andy Warhol immortalized the former model in a portrait, while Valentino Garavani outfitted her in some of his most groundbreaking fashion designs. But Carole never wanted to follow the rules and standards set by society. She wanted to create her own way.

”My grandmother escaped from Russia with stones in the hem of her dress to start her life in America,” Shashona points out. “She learned about stones from her mother, and she passed on that knowledge to me detailing the stones’ cuts, colors and power of stones. I started buying stones on my own and would design pieces for myself and then started creating pieces for friends because they loved what I did.”

Carole’s free spirit she inherited from her grandmother pushed her to become a designer, eventually leading her to study Feng Shui during her years in Hong Kong, earning a grand master designation.

Shashona then reflects back to the roots of her creativity, some of them sewn into her grandmother’s hem, and later, her consciousness. “I create only four collections a year, limited edition, limited production so they are all so precious. I love artisan work. I want the person purchasing my pieces to pass it on to [their] daughter, as part of their legacy. I want this heirloom of their legacy and their life to be full of protection and meaning. Not just another jewel in the box.”

Calm the Nerves – Invigorate the Soul, Nurture yourself with Gems

Daily Meditations:

Sometimes life can just be overwhelming. Our schedules can often get ahead of us…and we can start feeling that life is taking us for a spin versus us holding the reins. In other words, we can become so concerned with the words, that we forget the story.

This daily meditation can be done on the go (i.e. in your office, at a friend’s house, or in a quiet area at your health club), helping you clear your mind and move forward with grace and joy.

Daily Mediation:

  • Sit on the floor in a relaxed position.

  • Link your thumb and index finger in a love knot position in your navel area.

  • Repeat SA TA NA MA 11 times.

  • Take a breath and inhale. Exhale and let out any frustration from your body.

  • Do this inhale/exhale pattern 11 times.

  • Enter consciously with your mind into that energy center, and sense that energy increasing to a positive flow.

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Carole Shashona's Yin Goddess bracelet showcases glossy black onyx beads threaded with a yin-yang and Buddha charm four rondelles, Crafted in the U.S., this piece showcases one of the award-winning jeweler’s signature silhouettes.


Favorite Summer Bistro Snack

Lunch with Pita Bread or Crackers

  • Greek Yogurt (1 small container)

  • Clean and grate 1 small cucumber

  • Pound 3 garlic cloves

  • Chopped dill

  • 1/3 cup olive oil

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