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carole shashona

Carole Shashona

Carole Shashona

Carole Shashona is an iconoclast. Her rebellious spirit and insatiable curiosity led her to explore the world in search of beauty and a higher purpose and meaning in life. She has been painted by Andy Warhol, dressed by Valentino and given the honor of being ordained as the first and only Asian trained Female American Grand Master in Feng Shui after her time as a designer in Hong Kong. But this is all just part of her journey. Carole has truly lived an extraordinary life, by design.

 Surrounded by fashion designers like Bob Mackie and Oscar de la Renta as a young girl, the magic of design has fascinated her since her youth. Her grandmother (who had escaped Russia with gemstones sewn into her dress to start her new life) furthered this interest by teaching her the meaning of different gemstones at the tender age of 8 years old.

The arts have always played a tremendous role in her world. As a young film actress in West Side Story, a professional ballet dancer at the Metropolitan Opera House, and later a model wearing original styles by Pucci, Carole found incredible beauty and inspiration everywhere she turned.

During this time, she met her husband Peter. Peter later started working in the clothing manufacturing industry, and furthered Carole’s interest in design. During their marriage, she shifted her focus to interior design and quickly began traveling the world, discovering Hong Kong at the age of 21. Throughout her travels in England, Japan, France, Italy and Switzerland Carol embraced all of the different cultures. But it was Hong Kong that would introduce her to something particularly key to her story: the ancient secrets of Feng Shui and the power of design with purpose.

After witnessing a local young man burning incense for prosperity at The Peninsula Hotel, Carole’s interest was piqued. Her hunger for knowledge eventually led to meeting and studying with the Grand Master of Feng Shui, and one session a week soon turned into three. Years later, when Master Leyong passed away, he chose one student to carry his legacy, title, ancient scrolls and century old secrets. That student was Carole Shashona. A ceremony officially bestowed upon her as the title of Grand Master in Feng Shui, an honor particularly notable as Carole was an American female student – two extremely unusual traits for such a sacred selection in a profession completely dominated by males.

In Hong Kong, Carole started combining her appreciation for gemstones with her dedication to the art of life design using some of the ancient principles she was taught by the masters. She started working with local artisans to bring her designs to life using anything from cabochon stones to star sapphires. This was the start of her career designing jewelry created to attract love, prosperity and happiness. Upon returning to New York, Carole expanded her knowledge by training with Gurunam Joseph Levry, receiving his blessings to practice the ancient science of Kabbalah. 

Throughout all of her designs, Carole works to create positive change. The ancient secrets of both Feng Shui and Kabbalah taught her how to face challenges with grace instead of anger, choose positivity over negativity, and appreciate that each day brings a new promise of opportunity. Carole creates symbolic art that empowers, protects, guides, and adorns wearers and designs powerful environments that attract the life you want to live.  During her career, Carole has been featured in magazines like Architectural Digest and Robb Report, collaborated with companies like Shiseido, Origins, QVC and Schick and created numerous projects with artists and architects. Carole has worked with trailblazers like Oprah Winfrey, Julie Chen and Melissa McCarthy and her jewelry has been worn by Cher, Taylor Hill, and Ashlee Simpson.

Carole grew up choosing to see the beauty in everything and has kept the beauty alive in her work ever since.