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Don’t Get Lost in Fall Fashion

blog lost in fallWe want to be comfortable, and that doesn’t mean wearing a Snuggie. Its ok to keep you favorite oversized, comfortable sweater, but make it your special lounging sweater. The sweater should not be wearing you. Don’t hide yourself in one of this fall’s fashion’s pitfalls.

By belting our waists or tucking our blouse in, we define our body’s shape. This is the perfect silhouette. By defining your body, you propel your energy to action.

If you just can’t give up the extra protection of the sweater, add a rustic color cashmere cardigan over your blouse. Still need more of a sweater fix, layer a tailored, belted, sweater robe. It’s fitted and large enough to give you that cozy feeling. Add beautiful pair of rich chocolate knee high brown boots to enter this season with style.