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Attracting the Life You Want!

blog2energypersonaWhat does your energy and style say about you?

Energy defines personality and predilections. Maintain your energy and make sure its always turn on, because it can help determine your ideal colors, accessories, and scents, making you look and feel your best!

Do you have difficulty making decisions? Perhaps your beliefs align more with traditional values. Do you find joy and fulfillment in partaking in community service? If so, you may be The Water Type and calm, cool and collected is your fashion stance. Suggestions: You’ll always do your best when incorporating the color silver for creativity, stretch denim for movement, a checkered pattern for communication, pearls for love, and a chamomile scent for soothing. The scent of Blue by Carole will relax or energize you.

Do you like being center stage? Do people gravitate to you and follow your lead? You can admit you were the popular kid. Are you a tad inflexible? You could be The Wood Type, and if so avoid Froufrou and frills; it is not a flattering look for you.

Suggestions: You can’t go wrong with the color orange and peach. Incorporate it into your wardrobe for good health; wear satin for allure, plaids for longevity, scarves for energy, and peony for beauty.