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Carole Shashona Fashion Tips: Part 2

blog5fashon tipsCreativity:

  • A string of pearls with black diamonds is more than a female empowerment accessory for your “little black dress”. Pearls contain the essence of moon energy. Wear a full necklace or a single pendant to boost creative energy and create flow.
  • Think the slouchy artist look is where your creativity lies? Au contraire. Cinch your waist and tuck in your shirt to empower your creative zone.


  • Blue represents the color of knowledge. Prove your know-how and be more comfortable by wearing your best blue jeans on casual business day. For good Feng Shui, avoid vintage, fading, and no holes.
  • Eyes may be the windows of the soul, but eyeglass frames are the window treatments. Wear oval frames to convey intelligence. Wear ones that are the appropriate size, wearing larger oval frames that are not proportionate to your face makes you look less intelligent.


  • Want to be the most powerful person in the room? Wear stripes and show that you’ve earned them.
  • Superman proclaims his power and you can too. This summer wear a cape to project flair and authority.
  • Place your best foot forward by remembering to take time for a shoeshine. Scuffmarks on your shoes give away the power you want to have, even if you are an old sole.