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MetaStylist Tip: Signature Rings

blog 12082017Last week I tackled the age-old question how can women look feminine but not sexy in the workplace?

My MetaStylist tip picks up on this theme, and focuses on statement rings, and how to wear them as an appropriate touch and not an overbearing statement.

If you're anything like me, you talk with your hands a lot, so I'm particularly mindful about that when dressing for an interview, media appearance or meeting. I usually wear one large statement ring, and sometimes, depending on the rest of my look, I'll add two smaller ones to compliment the single statement piece on the opposite hand.

  • CS Tip #3: Your wedding ring, engagement ring; or ring stack acts as a statement piece in those situations. Don't overdo it!

To recap my tips from last week:

  • CS Rule #1 - Don't wear any dangle or drop earrings to any daytime professional meeting. In addition to being a tad flirtatious, the bigger problem is they're distracting. Ask yourself: Do you want colleagues hypnotized watching your earrings sway while you talk, or do you want them to actually focus and listen to what you're saying? Instead, keep it simple and wear a pair of studs.
  • CS Rule #2: Boho-inspired layered necklaces can create a delicate look, unfortunately the look can turn gaudy, not chic. When you need to "dress to impress," keep your ensemble sharp and professional. Don’t layer your necklace. A single necklace with a motif sends a clear message.

So, what's my hands down, fail-safe plan for always looking professional? I find a nice pair of studs and a simple statement ring always hits the right note.


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