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The Art of Adornment

blog 09152017 1There is no right or wrong way to wear my jewelry. I create my jewelry collections to wear from morning to night. I feel this helps facilitate the needs of today’s “woman on the go.” My collections offer versatility to layer, stack, and pair with your present collections and prior ones, to give a modern edge to your fashions. I love seeing how creative my clients can be. They know, there are no rules to follow.

A great story to share I want to share with you: Mikimoto, as a young man at the port of Yokahama was impressed with the huge markup and profit on pearls from oysters that thrived in the seas of Toba. Most Asian buyers sought pearls not for wearing, but for grinding and putting into medicine. Throughout Asia and Europe pearls were used to ease a host of conditions. The pearls were ground to be powders used in a stimulant to improve virility, and these uses have a parallel in contemporary medicine. I love pearls for the love energy they bring this season!


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Jewels for Bon Vivant Life