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Mom and the Moonlight

blog 04282017 1I am five years old and seated on a plush red velvet chair. My feet aren’t touching the ground, but dangling in open space. I feel so grown up and happy. I bravely thrust my hand in Mom’s as I look around to see so many people. I feel so small, in this vast space. You may be asking, where are you? Mom is taking me for a special treat to New York City to see the show in Hayden Planetarium. I ask my mother in a whisper, when will the show begin? For you see, I am young, excited and my heart is thumping, feet mid flight and I am trying so hard to whisper my question.

Time is suspended, and in that memorable moment I connected to a place where all of us seated in the auditorium were one. Then suddenly all the theatre lights extinguish. Darkness descends and unfolds me in its mystery. I look up…and I look around…stillness and darkness surround me. But wait, an image surrounds me…I can’t believe this. I now see the stars…and more and more stars. The sky is expanding and filling my eyes with wonder. This is the moment that captured my heart and imagination forever. The sky...with glittering stars! These are primal forces at work in the world…offering myths, legends and stories that I would carry with me for many decades to come.

I now think back to that first tempestuous time, although I could hardly understand it then. The stars and their magic have been sinking into my unconscious since moving me forth to many meaningful creative chapters of my life. I offer to you the Stars and Moon in this blog as my way of describing an interest in the art of astrology. But, I must clarify dear readers, that I am not a professional astrologer. However, I have been introduced to many philosophies, wisdom, and guidance of this magical ancient craft in a unique way. The planets and star formations express structure in the unique foundation and teachings of Feng Shui. All of the wisdom and philosophies has evolved into what I now share with my clients and inspires all my jewelry designs.

My name is Carole Shashona. I am a Grand Master in the ancient Asian art of Feng Shui Compass School. I have found over the years that the language of astrology incorporates vision and spirit. It provides a guidance system to shape and create personal life destiny. I think we are born with our own unique guidance system, invisible perhaps, but found inside ourselves when needed. This special guidance system is our compass, and whenever we think we have “lost our way,” we just need to look up at the stars. Their beaconing lights shimmer and will guide us home. In my lifework, the planets have often displayed a dynamic interplay between the interior life and exterior world. Enjoy visiting my websites and may everyday bring you Love and Light.

Whistle While You Walk

blog 04282017 2This Spring booster is a rich source of beta-carotene, vitamin C, chlorophyll, and trace minerals. It is a great transition from the cold season to new season’s sunshine. I have found Spring greens will to help digest and avert digestive ailments, as well as, headaches, upper respiratory complaints, and complexion. Perhaps have a gardener plant an herb garden of yarrow, dandelion, wild violet, fennel, parsley, chives, sage, mint and other mixed greens of the season.

Joyful tidbits

blog 04282017 3Each planet has its mode, expression, and structure. Every evening the Moon Goddess invites all to follow in her moonlight path. She illuminates a very special time to engage within ourselves to discover inspiration, hopes and dreams. It is a very reflective image, enhanced with the subtle gleam of silver and pearl, stimulating a magical moment to escape reality and step forward in freedom and delight as we gaze up into the sky.

You are What You Wear

blog 04282017 4Do you have difficulty making decisions…perhaps your beliefs align more with traditional values…do you have a strong concern for community service? If so, calm, cool and collected is your fashion stance. You’ll always do your best when incorporating metallic silver for creativity, a curvature pattern for communication, with a pearl accessory inspiring love energy.

Your reflection in the mirror, much like a pool of water, will display your image as you stand before it. The body image reflected in your mirror shows the beauty within yourself. Much like nature you derive energy from beauty and feeling beautiful. The female energy (Yin) of colors are black, blue and grey are worn to better enhance business and communication. These colors are perfect to wear for dinners or meetings where professional instincts will govern the event.

Metastylist Tip

blog 04282017 5Pearls radiate sensuality through their rich creamy hue. A string of pearls is more than an accessory for your “little black dress”. Pearls contain the essence of moon energy. Wear a pearl necklace or a single pendant to boost creative energy and create flow in life.

Spring Meditation

Sit, relax, close your eyes, and breathe. It’s just that easy.

The only requirements needed are you and 7 minutes. Easy! You can do meditation to relax, recharge, heal and energize. And best of all, you can do it sitting in the seat of a plane, train, or car! In your office, your home or even a taxi, there are many meditations. They are perfect for any need you may have, and you can do them daily. Join me on Instagram to find weekly videos with meditations just for you!

This is a meditation for one who finds they cannot just meditate. This mantra will help you focus with universal energy, the heartbeat of life that lies within us all.

SAT NAM repeat mentally or outwardly 11 times
Or if you wish repeat with your pulse

The Power of Wellness

Spring is cleansing Mind, Body & Home. It is a time of upward growing sprouts and shoots. Rejuvenating energy is associated with this season. Herbs that contain chlorophyll that cleanse the body are: arugula, chervil, tarragon, and mint. For freshness, the seasonal green beans and peas are friendly fiber. Asparagus, radish, strawberries will flush the system and prevent sinus and digestive distress.

Contessa Spring Salad

1 cup bulgar wheat
Lemon juice to taste
¼ cup Olive oil
1 skinless chicken breast (you can use leftover chicken) cubed
1 small bunch of parsley chopped- stems removed
¼ bunch of mint chopped- stems removed
1 cucumber- diced
1 cup of cherry tomatoes- diced
Salt and Pepper to taste

Pour bulgar into 1 ½ cups of boiling water and let soak for about 30 minutes and allow to cool. Add the other ingredients and toss with olive oil and lemon juice.

Fire Rooster Home Tip

blog 04282017 6To spark Love and Good Fortune place the CS Empower candle in the South zone of your home. Inspired by the art of Feng Shui, to dispel negative energy and create positivity and abundance.