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Carole Shashona Spring “Refresh” Blog

blog spring refresh 1Refresh your Spirit- Nurture yourself. Experience Joy this season. Place a herb garden on your windowsill or near the entrance of the back door of your home. If you have a cobblestone walkway, it’s wonderful to plant small herbs in between the stones. As you walk, the herbs will be crushed with scent in the air, surrounding you with a delicious scent. This is a good time to reflect and take a breath with our daily meditations.

Whistle While You Walk

blog spring refresh 2From poolside soiree to fashion runway discover how to meet your everyday need for color this season.

Channel- clear skies with the color blue to communicate your easy, relaxed fashion style

Combine- hues of pale ice blue with hot orange, this combo will emit your empowered fashion style. You’re hot.

Think Tall- Have fun and accessorize from day to night. A perfect combo to wear on the dance floor, or cruising-pair golden platform shoes with fabulous earrings!

One Thing- better than a string of pearls on bare skin, is a string of pearls on bronze skin paired with a bikini while vacationing.

Add- a blue hue mauve lipstick to enhance your sun-kissed face, perfect with pigtails at the beach. Decided to wear pigtails? Why not add some charms at the ends.

Joyful tidbits

blog spring refresh 3How Nature Nurtures you- Picture a full moon late in the evening, or early in the morning casting an image of beauty with its luminescent glow. These colors are evidenced in hues of platinum, silver, grey greens, grey blues, and plums.
When we are stressed our bodies seek relaxation, and we may use massage to realign ourselves. It then makes perfect sense to create more awareness to seek balance and harmony within our lifestyles. Having our homes and offices reflect nature, will create harmony within ourselves and within our homes. To enhance the relaxing mode and get away from it all, create a place you can decorate with a pretty leaf, shell, or an element from nature in Spring season. This will help you to replenish your energy after work, offering calm moments with serenity.

You are What You Wear

The seasons borrow and blend with nature's elements and often when we change roles in our everyday lives, our colors require change too. For example, the mother at home with children will require a selection of tones to nurture themselves, as well as nurturing others. The business persona will require colors enhancing power hierocracy. Accessorize your wardrobe with metallics this spring season and sparkle in silver, glow in bronze, glitter, and gold. Use the moon’s influence for shimmer with your makeup colors, remember, metallics are fabulous for highlighting both your eyes and lips.

Metastylist Tip

blog spring refresh 4Reach for the classic blue and white color combinations for your daytime look. At night mix a smooth, silky suede top with your snug hip hugging jeans. Add my Spring Mist necklace for a dazzling reflective effect, as you dance beneath the moonlight glow.

Refresh your Spirit- make a wish. Persephone Goddess bracelet

Spring Meditation

Sit, relax, close your eyes, and breathe. It’s just that easy.

The only requirements needed are you and 7 minutes. Easy! You can do meditation to relax, recharge, heal and energize. And best of all, you can do it sitting in the seat of a plane, train, or car! In your office, your home or even a taxi, there are many meditations. They are perfect for any need you may have, and you can do them daily.

This is a meditation for one who finds they cannot just meditate. This mantra will help you focus with universal energy, the heartbeat of life that lies within us all.

SAT NAM repeat mentally or outwardly 11 times
Or if you wish repeat with your pulse

The Power of Wellness

Home: Get rid of what you don’t need
Mind: Create new idea
Body: Make plans
Music to be enjoyed: G major, associated with left brain

I have found while living in Europe in the Spring season, adding chopped spring greens in everything from soups to sandwiches, energizes and stimulates health and wellness.

Some greens to use that will help “boost” energy in the Spring season are:

  • Dandelion greens
  • Mustard greens
  • Spinach
  • Watercress
  • Chervil
  • Chives

This Spring's booster is a rich source of beta-carotene, vitamin C, chlorophyll, and trace minerals. It is a great transition from the cold season to new season’s sunshine. I have found spring greens to help digest and avert digestive ailments, as well as headaches, upper respiratory complaints, and complexion. Perhaps, have a gardener plant an herb garden or yarrow, dandelion, wild violet, fennel, parsley, chives, sage, mint, and other mixed greens of the season.

Spring is cleansing the Mind, Body, and Home. It is a time of upward growing sprouts and shoots. Rejuvenating energy is associated with this season.

Herbs that contain chlorophyll that cleanse the body are arugula, chervil, tarragon, and mint. For freshness, the seasonal green beans and peas are friendly fiber. Asparagus, radish, and strawberries will flush the system and prevent sinus and digestive distress.

blog spring refresh 5

Contessa Spring Salad

1 cup bulgar wheat
Lemon juice to taste
¼ cup Olive oil
1 skinless chicken breast (you can use leftover chicken) cubed
1 small bunch of parsley chopped- stems removed
¼ bunch of mint chopped- stems removed
1 cucumber- diced
1 cup of cherry tomatoes- diced
Salt and Pepper to taste

Pour bulgar into 1 ½ cups of boiling water and let soak for about 30 minutes and allow to cool. Add the other ingredients and toss with olive oil and lemon juice. Enjoy.

Fire Rooster Home Tip

This Spring season to reduce stress and improve your personal energy, place a ivy plant, flowers, or orchid plants in the North area of your home.