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Spring Blog

Carole Shashona Spring Blog

Welcome to my monthly Blog, and think of me as your personal energy Lifestyle Coach, let’s begin.

My name is Carole Shashona; I am a twice ordained Master in the Art of Feng Shui. Many of you know the ancient Asian philosophy of creating healing environment through the placement of objects, art, and accessories, to achieve architectural balance. However, Feng Shui is much more than this, and after decades of practice and sharpening my insight, I have adapted this philosophy to create an intentional style and design I call metastylist.

Metastyling is about you and how you can boost and learn to enhance positive energy with personal fashion style. This application alleviates styling concerns with color, function, and focused attention to enhance personal Health, Beauty, and Prosperity. Inclusive is the enhanced awareness of jewelry composition, colors, and meditation for personal energy to promote alignment and balance both physically and spiritually.

Every season I will help you to focus on fashion therapy for yourself with special attention to color enhancements in your wardrobe with emphasis on color, scent, and accessories. People have not associated attitude, behavior, and mood with color and energy. Consider the current preoccupation with green which immediately signals the environment, conservation, and wellness. I have been trained to teach how you can benefit with specific colors and stones to specific energy, a vibration similar to music, to creating body alignment and fashion wellness.

Each range of hues are appropriate to wear for different situations; I will help you to match your colors with your ambitions and goals as well as the function of the situation you may want to control. You will enhance your personal energy with accessories with energy embodied in different colors in stones so that you will enrich your life with joyful benefits. Enjoy visiting my websites and may every day bring you Love and Light.



Whistle While You Walk

How Nature Nurtures you. This Spring, walk. Take the time to take a walk in the park, beach, or city sidewalks. Or walk to your gym to notice the world around you. A little reminder from me I recommend to wear looser garments or that new flowing skirt to boost your energy with fun leaf and floral motifs. Notice and be conscious when you walk how you will breathe air into your lungs helping to stimulate the new flow of energy to your life. Think when you inhale of new opportunities that you wish to create and when you exhale let go of the fear and negativity. This will help you “breathe” in this new Spring season.

Joyful tidbits

spring blog 1Empower yourself with Nature. Nature nurtures and like fresh bamboo and sky your fashion signature colors for this Spring are hues of green and blue. You will look fresh, and lighten your Spirit each day. Do remember to mix and match the following hues for your fashion pallets and jewel accessories for your Fashion Therapy Wellness.

Are you a slave to fashion? Let’s have your fashion style work for you and not the other way around. Wear blue to communicate your knowledge and be a breath of fresh air to others.

You are What You Wear

If you are seeking to build your status up with a promotion at work or seeking a new job, wear this Spring’s power color green with gold jewelry and become the golden girl. Combine green with brown of Kaki hues (not just for gals but guys too) these colors together will help you be successful in your career.

Metastylist Tip

spring blog 2The perfect colors to wear at the office or lunch with friends is combining blue(sapphire/lapis) and green(jade/emerald/malachite). Remember to accessorize with jewelry to help boost your personal energy.

Spring Meditation

To help boost your energy hold the coin wishes coin in your hand. This is your portable energizer created just for you to wear every place and everywhere. Recite the Spring meditation below.

Begin by inhaling and exhaling- three times
Press your thumb to the index finger- “SAT”
Press your thumb to your middle finger- “TA”
Press your thumb to your ring finger- “NA”
Press your thumb to your baby finger- “MA”

Sun- Moon-Death-Rebirth

Chant this mantra eleven times.

When completed shake your fingers above your head and place your arms onto your lap to relax. Absorb the benefits of this meditation, bringing you health and wellness daily. It’s a time for relaxation and comfort.

The Power of Wellness

spring blog 3Spring season, the Earth renews itself. It’s time to Refresh, Regroup and Revitalize you!

The season of Spring aligns with wood energy in Asian Philosophy; it refers to growing structures, limbs and joints in our body. The associated color is green. The Spring season typifies and awakens a time for inspiration and energy. Here are some tips to revitalize and energize your mind and body for Spring.

Remember to drink lots of fresh water with lemon and cucumber to help flush winter toxins from your system.

Breathe “Be in the Blue” is all about being healthy. Be conscious of your diet.

Walk, build your immunity by taking a walk each day for 20 minutes, perfect if you have a dog or want to spend some time connecting with friends and family.

Play in the mud. Create a herb garden to enjoy the fruits of your labor each season.

Chew candy ginger or drink ginger tea to boost your energy.

Contessa Spring Salad

spring blog 4Ingredients:
1 cup bulgar wheat
¼ cup Olive oil
1 skinless chicken breast (you can use leftover chicken) cubed
1 small bunch of parsley chopped- stems removed
¼ bunch of mint chopped- stems removed
1 cucumber- diced
1 cup of cherry tomatoes- diced
Lemon juice to taste


Pour bulgar into 1 ½ cups of boiling water and let soak for about 30 minutes and allow to cool. Add the other ingredients and toss with olive oil and lemon juice.

Fire Rooster Home Tip

spring blog 5The rooster’s personality is comfortable with the elements of bamboo, wicker and terra cotta tile. You too can enjoy a tad of the rooster’s personality by bringing the outdoors in and painting the walls with hues of blue and white. Cover the lounge chairs in prints of red or solid and paint the ceilings a pale blue tone. Sisal flooring with patterns of green and blue add to the drama as the rooster like to strut his/her stuff.

Carole Shashona tip:

Check to see the East direction in your home or office. In the fire rooster year avoid the element of fire in this zone. There shouldn't be candles, a fireplace, or fire pit placed in this area.

Cure- Add a mirror above the mantle or a water feature to add the right touch!

Make sure to bookmark this page to use as for when you are looking to revisit the Spring tips or the recipe for my healthful Contessa Salad! Share your thoughts with me on Facebook and Instagram!