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Uplift, Energize and Empower

0221 CS Uplift Energize and Empower 1What you wear will energize you. Your style shows the world who you are and will uplift your spirit. Let your inner you shine. Work or play, accessorize with intention and purpose.

Start with what colors you are wearing! Each color on the spectrum will project and charge an energy into the world. Wear red to attract attention, create new opportunities, purple for power or transitioning and black to exude authority and power. Animal prints are fun and add an element of creativity to your outfit.

Just like your outfit, your accessories will evoke emotions and power. Wear bracelets on your left wrist, to boost and enhance your career or love life; you can wear layers or a single bracelet. Wearing high-quality stones will enhance the energy. You can wear a single bracelet or add layers to create a statement. The color, metal type, and stone will affect your energy. Choose jewelry that will strengthen, nourish or tone down and balance you. I create my Coin Wishes collection to help you create balance and energize. Each piece is thoughtfully designed and reminds you to stop and breath. Cool Metal accessories also activate your planning and creative abilities.

Accessories can be more than jewelry; it includes the shoes you choose, hats, and purses! Looking to show power, closed toed shoes will show the world you mean business. Trying to be playful and illustrate a little casual, fun... a felt hat. Your handbag can be very powerful. Hold it to your left side, for optimal luck and wealth. Square shapes and yellow, orange and brown are "earth" and are good for days when you want to appear approachable.

Each time you decide you are going out you should be presenting a balanced, harmonious look to the world. Dressing with mindfulness will create and ignite your energy. Share how you express your authenticity and attract your deepest desires and tag me on Instagram! Dress to showcase your inner being and always feel at your best.