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Come Alive, Build Love & Excel

Recently, I posted the following meditation in my daily meditations!

Meditations can be quick moments during your day; it's a time to still the mind and breathe. To find your inner balance and provide clarity. Meditation helps you build a better brain. It's not always necessary to spend hours in a mediation room or area. Instead, create your own space wherever you are. My jewelry is created to help with your meditations. I choose each stone, color, and placement with your energy, balance, and clarity in my heart. Helping you amplify your meditations and release negative energy from your life.

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Starting with the Aventurine Quartz in a soft green for prosperity. Green brings you balance, growth, and abundance.
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Red created from Jade is significant for love. Also, a very lucky color is hot and bold.
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Purple is amethyst and will open clarity for royalty and wealth.
blog come alive 4Pink, a gorgeous rose quartz colors of unconditional love and femininity, will bring out your nurturing side.

When creating my pieces, I take special care in the stones I choose! For a special Valentines Day collection, I created My Heart 2 Yours. Each bracelet is a different stone to charge and affirm.

Wearing a My Heart 2 Yours bestows protection and passion. It's important to take the time each day to breathe and meditate, nurture and prosper. Give one to a loved one or keep one for yourself.

I would love to see where you take a moment in your day to meditate. Take a picture and share to my Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #MyHeart2Yours.

Feng Shui Tip: Accentuate curves, wear fire colors to inspire passion. These high energy colors include gold, orange, pink, purple and red.