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Mindfulness, Meditation & Movement

blog mmmMeditation for many is a time to calm the mind, and over a period of several hours, many will find clarity and strength in mind and body. Not all meditations sessions need to last for hours, instead take a few minutes while standing in line, sitting at the coffee shop. Meditation works best for you if you are open to it and you can meditate daily for shorter periods of time. If you are part of my community on social media, you will see I post daily meditations. These are there as a reminder for you to take a moment and breathe. This moment will help gather your energy and move you forward.

I share my daily meditations and video mantras to help guide you. Discover the inner you to create the outer you. I like to provide tips to help to find what works for you. Be mindful and connection of clarity, fusion, and culture.

Accept the mystery, you are here to live out a mystery and discover your place on the earth. It is beautiful.

Help your energy flow and gather, meditation will empower you both mind and body. Taking a moment each day to close your eyes and take a deep breath, meditate. Focus on the movement of your breath, move away from the demands and urgency of your day. Pay particular attention to the thoughts, sensations, and feelings that arise. Enjoy the practice; you will have gratitude for the difference in mind and body.

Spending the time to meditate each way will help balance your mind and body and lead you to a more intentional life. To help guide you, download my app, visit my Facebook or Instagram for #DailyMeditations. Wear my coin wishes for greater clarity. Take time each day to gather your energy for just a moment and help clarify your day.