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Being mindful of stress and how to calm in a busy life

blog mindful of stressWith busy and chaotic lives, stress is our constant companion! How we handle stress and learn to relax and take a breath is important. Meditation, long walks, and leisurely baths are great stress relievers. When we practice meditation and leisurely baths to relieve stress, it’s important to have an environment for calming and de-stress.

Meditations can be long or short periods of time. Take the time to calm your mind and breathe. Short meditations can be done while you are out running errands, standing in long lines and even sitting in the coffee shop! I have several videos and tips for this and encourage you to carry my essential oil sprays, for empowerment and purify. The scents are calming and will help with clarity and the videos will help you form the habit of meditation.

We all know that nothing beats a warm, leisurely bath. Taking the time to settle into the tub full of relaxing bubbles will help you take the time just to relax and de-stress. Make sure to set the stage for calm and mindfulness! You can use candles to keep the light soft, scents will help elevate different states of consciousness.

While bathing, let your mind move to waterfalls, breezes, and the scent of spring. Tickle your senses, de-stress your body, and soothe your soul with a scented bath. Regain the equilibrium you need for heightened health.

Taking a long walk or hike? Focus on your energy. No need to think or problem solve, let the exercise take over. Push yourself to move faster and really get your heart pumping. This will help boost endorphins and allow for reflection. Make sure to breathe deeply and concentrate.

There are other ways to destress, what are your favorite healthful ways to take a moment of your day and recharge? Taking the time during your busy day will help you be more calm, happier and stronger. It’s easy to forget to take time for self-care. Take a moment, breathe and meditate. That could be in a line, at the park for shorter meditations, yoga sessions or long hikes for longer meditations and take a scented bubble bath to destress. If you need a reminder, try one of my coin wishes.

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They offer blessings and balance for everyone and serve as a reminder to stop and breathe.

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