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New Year… new thinking!

blog new year new thinkingEvery New Year we are bombarded with articles titled “New Year, New You” or “Ring in the New Year with a New You.” Let’s not make resolutions requiring us to change, but rather better ourselves. Resolutions have become stressful, making them hard to keep and bringing disappointment. This year make intentions and be creative, have fun. Try new styles and create new looks that empower you and make you feel stronger!

Embrace Color
Have you always admired the red dress in the store, but are too nervous to wear such a bold color? First, begin by accessorizing with Red. Try a red purse or scarf, or pick out some fun socks. Now you have added a little red to your closet and are comfortable with that red; it's time to move past accessories and buy a pair of red jeans or a red top. Now you are ready to find that dress and give it a try. Allow color to lift your energy and your style!

Follow your own Rules
Have you said to yourself, “I can’t pull that off!” Who says? Your style is your identity. Let the inner you be seen on the outer you. Why follow other people’s rules? Don’t fear fashion, have fun with it!

Make New Relationships
Do you walk into Bloomingdales and all the sales people know you? Are many of your clothes the same designer? My clients tell me, “I know what I like”. My answer is “How do you know what you like if you haven’t tried anything else.” Map yourself a new shopping route in 2017. Visit new boutiques or try and up and coming designer.

Be a Smart Shopper
Sales do not mean spend! We all love a bargain, but make sure you love what you are buying. Don’t waste money if it will just sit in your closet. Buying on sale is still spending. Rather than buying for a bargain, let yourself splurge now and then. You will save money splurging occasionally, and eliminate reckless spending.

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