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Black is Whack!

blog black is whackYou ever notice that you keep buying the same black top over and over again. Look in your closet. Does it look like the black hole? Don’t get me wrong black is great. It can make us look slimmer, and it’s extremely versatile. However, the favorite color of many fashionable women can actually drain you of energy. This is certainly not an ideal situation, especially if you contend with the stresses and strains of city life or motherhood. But if black’s your bag, balance it with these energizing shades to brighten your wardrobe and your spirit this holiday season.

Color Association
Red/Purple Love, happiness, fame, power, wealth
Orange/Brick Power, alignment with Earth
Yellow/Brown Wisdom, warm and strong sun energy
Green/Blue Growth, good healing
Blue/Aqua Good fortune, youth, smooth communication