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Keeping your Legs Toasty and Colorful this Winter

blog leg toastyBare legs be gone!  Bring out winter’s must have accessory, tights.  Tights are made in lavish patterns, bold colors, and the choices can be overwhelming.  The legs and feet are associated with the strategy zone, and for a good reason- before you reach for the stars, it helps to first have your feet planted firmly on the ground.  Choose the color and/or pattern to attract the energy you need to realize your dreams.

Association  Color  Pattern 
Flexibility Blue, Black, Gray Waves, nautical, washed heather
Prosperity Blue, Green, Red Checks, argyle, logos
Love Red, Purple, Pink, Plum Stars, triangles, herringbones, flowers
Nurture Yellow, Brown, Natural Tweeds, leaves, plaids, botanical
Structure White, Orange, Metallic Hounds tooth, animal motif, stripes