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carole shashona bio headshotThe Bungalow is Carole Shashona’s private studio where those-in-the-know go to get styled.  

Complete with fashion magazine tear-outs pinned to the walls and stacks of her signature white binders, The Bungalow is tucked away in Laguna Beach where many celebrities and CEOS have come to learn the art of making a statement.

A Carole Shashona client is The Trendsetter among her friends – whether single or married; with or without kids – she dresses  to her own chic beat . But it’s no surprise these women are cutting edge: Carole’s keen awareness of making an entrance in today’s 24-hour news cycle has seen her clients photographed around the world looking effortless, but always in control, whether caught sneaking off to Ibiza or heading down to Wall Street for the latest tech mogul’s IPO.

Carole’s profound understanding of art, science and design has enabled her to sense, predict and create trends long before her brand-name peers. This foresight has been an Achilles’ Heel because, as she admits, “there have been many times I found myself 5-10 years ahead of the mainstream with many of my creations.”

For instance, she says, she designed and manufactured a line of housewares made solely from recyclable plastics way before anyone else.  Her knack for staying ahead showed itself again when her Feng Shui-inspired jewelry sold out on QVC before most Americans heard of this sacred practice. And when Carole wasn’t traveling the world with her husband, or raising her three daughters in Manhattan, her work was regularly featured in a number of high-profile Interior Designer showcases. This prompted her to refocus her practice for a few years, and she worked primarily on her clients’ private homes in The Hamptons, Palm Springs, Los Angeles and Palm Beach.

Now in 2017 Carole leaves her mark in the world with a new line of provocative Haute Couture Jewelry.

“After teaching and working privately with a number of celebrities and their stylists over the last few years, I’m ready to be the star again.” Carole’s new Black Diamonds Collection is sold exclusively at Barney’s.

Carole Shashona offers private consulting services at The Bungalow by appointment only. You can catch her videos, blogs or style-making tips for the modern day, Luxe-Loving woman by following her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, or download her free app.



I’ve had a magnificent, colorful career that’s taken me around the world and back. I’m a Wife. And a Mother first and always. I’ve also had many opportunities to study and work alongside many great artists, designers and thinkers, which has shaped my path leading me to where I am today.

As many of you know, I style and will continue to style Julie Chen and other A-list celebrities. You can see my work every day across social media. But over the next few months, I’ll be making changes to my website to showcase my jewelry. Here’s why:

To me, a luxury lifestyle doesn’t just mean you’re savvy in your outward, personal style. It means you’re sophisticated and thoughtful about where and how you spend your resources, which includes everything from your time to your money.

I’ll share from my own experience, I changed a lot when my Interior Design career took off, and I started to move in different social circles. As I embraced this new, exciting chapter, I learned how to invest differently in my wardrobe and create eye-catching signature looks.

I learned to choose that one stand-out piece to walk confidently into any room.

Most stylists focus on designer clothes and bags and call jewelry an “accessory.” I don’t see jewelry as an accessory. I see it as the foundation of your wardrobe.

When I plan outfits for myself or clients, Jewelry is where my head goes first. In this world of trendy, disposable everything, Jewelry’s resilient, and gives voice to every woman.

Most people have the same clothes, but very few have the same jewels. That’s one reason I began designing these collections. But the other reason … Jewelry has a long rich history of protecting, guiding, serving and adorning the wearer. I honor that tradition. And my pieces, clients say, empower them to shake up the world.

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Jewels for a Bon Vivant Life